Although her practice caters to all individuals struggling with chiropractic health concerns, Dr. Nagle specializes in treating:

Dr. Nagle also concentrates on soft tissue management and sports related injuries. She is an expert in:
Dr. Nagle is also a certified Nutritionist which allows her to create thorough, comprehensive care plans to improve her patients' health. The first step in this process requires a simple, discreet urine analysis test which will reveal and help you and Dr. Nagle understand your body's specific nutritional deficiencies and chemistry imbalances and their impact on your health. Upon analyzing the results of your test a customized nutritional program can be created for you which will include the specific nutrients and supplements needed to repair, rebalance, and renew what your body may be lacking. To begin your customized nutritional evaluation and program order your 24-hour Urine Analysis Test Kit by clicking the icon below.

Her stellar reputation and expertise has brought Olympic athletes, professional golfers, football, and baseball players to seek her for treatment. She treats patients from all backgrounds and age groups with a friendly, positive attitude aimed towards giving her patients the best possible care. Through hands-on, personally tailored medical care and her sincere interest in alleviating the pain and discomfort of her patients Doctor Nagle provides the very best in chiropractic services to all those looking to improve their health. Essential oils are also available through Dr. Nagle’s office.

Dr. Nagle accepts private health insurance, Medicare, and personal injury/accident cases. She will work with every patient based on their individual financial circumstances to develop an affordable payment plan for their treatment.