On September 29th my offices will be moving. The new address is Jackson Commons Chiropractic Office, 30 Jackson Road, Suite A-2, Medford, NJ 08055. Please call the office to comfirm your appointment location.

Dr. Kim Nagle is board certified at both the national and state levels and has been practicing since 1983. She prides herself on maintaining maximum levels of patient care through her hands on approach. From the moment you are received at the front desk all the way through diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care, you are regarded as an important individual with unique needs. Dr. Nagle's philosophy for patient care emphasizes developing personal relationships with patients and listening to their cares, concerns and ideas. This approach allows Dr. Nagle to tailor treatment plans to each and every patient that comes through her door.

Her main goal in caring for any patient is to deliver the best possible results, including pain reduction, increased flexibility, increased energy and most importantly, an overall improvement in the quality of their health and wellness. Her mission is to take you from where you are when you walk in the door to the maximum potential of where you can be by employing her therapeutic techniques.